Booking Info


More detailed booking information will soon be found on this page. We are still putting the final touches on our booking processes.

What we supply when you rent our venue (introductory price – $250):
  Configurable modular stage
  Seating for 70 people
  A ton of lights with an Orcontrol DMX controller
  Presonus 24.4.2 audio mixer
  Roland 4 channel A/V mixer and cameras
  Wide variety of Sure microphones
  Ableton live 11 pro
  VMIX PRO live video production software
  In addition, numerous guitars, Yamaha full-size midi controller/electric piano, and much more.
What you supply:
  All required staff *we can supply a bartender and sound and stage crew for a small fee
  **Event liability insurance
  Event promotional material *we can arrange to have tickets and posters printed and sold/distributed for a small fee

We are actively looking for bookings – we are flexible and open to all ideas. Phone, email, or drop by to see us and discuss your specific needs and requirements.